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Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
to special preelection broadcast. that all weking have to do his handicap the election. came hurricane politics, all wiseman told never that you can around ththe corner. then't want to minimize tragic human dimensions of this aftermath, butt is a politil program d the election is next tuesday, so here goes. new jersey gov. chris christie prior to the storm. let's give you the plane ride back to chicago ththat you have earned. i cannot thank the president and compassion for the state.of our >> he has putis heart and soul that the people jersebounce back .tronger than before >> for the past feways, voters president hugging looking, well, presidential during a time of .risis election practically on doorstep, how will the and its of sandy mark?ath play out, >>>> good for president obama i. the time of disaster, the only electe officials who have an opportunity toto perform our governors, mayors, or the president. senators and members of congress get on camera. schumer is the only one i know who did. this is a real job. i think the presidentandled himself tol, showed ,e competent
Nov 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
look s trading higher by over a fourth of a percent. weking at indid eider78ra> of jd an idea of having the central nk an inflation target of 2o heesnded aa news coerenceolwing t policy meinthe nd brs b t bk of lso inh at he a h ao nedha iwod unalobs touthe uny' fca de vunry riren 2emya mt cpaesre ayg a m nor i $4do 2% itnd e ob enoc owwnree cle. >>> diptis,henid at,ndegt e try. they say they'reorni acen t cin days.for now fighters forsrlnd has owiteig o letting up.peleavdi aeeofightga strikeand fired sll at the gazan th cfltas so far killed 13leinns has and other palestinian militr they killed twoor iaes brgi t nbe of dead on tang refe at schools runy th u. palestinian refugees account for more than 70 ozaputi.ey were fo israel and duringubqut wars. tnsto d'thi isla isa beca attacked u.n. schools before and jue 'lbeaf >> u.ectaenal a u.s. secretary of stateilry their weight toedtifos. >>heoa mt durable outcome that promotes regional aspirations of iaes a pastinns alike. >> egyptian diplomats are brerg elk has leaders are demanding the isel tif tircomi ocdef gaza. the israelis are c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2